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Indian Head Massage
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The History of Indian Head Massage
The tradition of Indian head massage has been a common practice in India for over 5000 years. Indian women would practice this massage for the health benefits that the techniques give. The skills and techniques would be handed down through the generations so that each family member could give and receive a massage.

The mass age techniques performed during an Indian head massage work on the mind, body, and spirit/energetic body, creating a truly holistic treatment. The massage endeavors to restore balance and bring peace and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit
to improve the overall health of a person.

Indian head massage is based on the ancient healing system of Ayurvedic medicine. The Ayurvedic approach to health is to encompass mind, body, and spirit so that complete balance can be achieved. Alongside massage techniques, this involves the use of diet, herbs, yoga and meditation.
In Indian traditions, it is believed that regular massage gives the body energy and preserves life for longer—it is a significant way to rejuvenate the body. In India, it is usual for babies to be massaged every day from birth to the age of three. This ensures the bonding between parent and child is strong while also keeping the baby happy and healthy. As the child gets older, they are then shown the techniques themselves so that they may perform the treatment on others

What is an Indian Head Massage?
Indian head massage is a massage treatment that can either relax or stimulate the person receiving the massage. It involves the therapist using a variety of massage techniques over the body’s tissues, muscles, scalp and hair.

The treatment uses a mixture of typical massage movements that are also used in general body massages, along with more traditional and unusual movements that focus on the holistic healing of both mind and body. Indian head massage is usually carried out with the client in a seated position (but can be carried out with the client lying down), so it can be performed with the client fully-clothed— or sometimes, the client’s outer top is removed. This means that Indian head massage can be performed almost anywhere!

The Benefits of Indian Head Massage
Indian head massage comes with all the benefits you would expect from any sort of
massage treatment:

  • Relaxation

  • A sense of wellbeing

  • Soothes tense muscles

  • Increased energy

However, due to its holistic origins—its stimulating and relaxing techniques can also benefit the client in other ways.

Physical Effects of Indian Head Massage

  • Increased blood circulation to the skin and scalp helps to encourage cell renewal and stimulates hair growth, leading to an improved appearance in skin and hair.

  • Increased blood circulation to the muscles helps bring fresh oxygen and nutrients, relieving tense muscles and stiff joints.

  • Waste products are removed more effectively from muscles, allowing them to work more efficiently.

  • Increased lymphatic circulation aids detoxification by removing waste and toxins more effectively.

  • Increases flexibility in the joints.

  • Eases tension in the jaw, caused by teeth grinding.

  • Relaxes tense eye muscles, hence relieving eye strain, headaches and brightening the eyes.

  • It slows down breathing and heart rates, thus helping to reduce anxiety.

Psychological Effects of Indian Head Massage

  • Stimulates the release of endorphins from the brain, which helps to relieve stress, lift the mood, and relieve pain.

  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to promote rest, sleep and relaxation. This also reduces stress.

  • It helps to relieve mental fatigue and promotes clearer thinking.

  • Restores energy flow to the body and creates a feeling of balance and calm

After-Care - Indian Head Massage
  • Drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins away.

  • You may feel some pain and bruising after if you are having a deep tissue massage. This is perfectly normal.

  • Do not drink any alcohol after the massage.

  • No sun exposure after the treatments to prevent skin from burning.

  • Allow the oils to seep into the skin this will help keep skin hydrated.

  • Emotions may be heightened after an holistic treatment.

Duration & Cost
  • Duration - 40 - 45 minutes

  • Cost - £45.00

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