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Angel Card Meanings
11th December 2023

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Follow Your Heart

As I link in to this card and it’s vibration and with spirit side of life, I am bring told that, Not many people on the earth plane are actually following there heart’s. but more so they are following what others want you to do, and following in the footsteps on family life. It is now to take back full control of your life, your thoughts and your decisions without allowing anyone or anything to stop you in doing what your hearts is telling you to do.


Sometimes yes we make mistakes, but doing what you want to do is the best way to feed your soul, and once you start doing this, your soul will grow brighter and bigger, from which then you will find new doors opening for you in all directions for you to take.


Do not allow others to stop you, always and always go with in the direction of your heart and have faith once you do, you will see the light at the other end.


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Your True Path

This card actually does follow on from the first card which is the follow your heart. it is almost the same meaning but with a little bit of extra information. I am being told that, even at times when we have doubts about what path to take next, we tend to stop and think and wonder if one should take the path which looks like the less stressful path, or the path that our head is telling us. Generally the path you take is your own choice, but again, it is a choice that you all need to be careful with, due to the choices you make can lead to new doors that open up for you which will lead to even more exciting doors, or new doors that is not on your soul contract for you to go through. But again, as we have free will on the earth plane, it is up to you and only you to make that choice. Remember, the path that feels right for you to take is the path you might need to now take to move forward. Changes are hard I am being told, but sometimes we need this to allow growth and expansion on a soul level. Walk on your true path that feels right for you.

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What Do You See

As I link in to this card and with the spirit world, here is what I am healing. This year for most of you have been far more than a challenge that it would normally be for you. Look at these challenges that you have to deal with in a positive way and not in a negative way, as these challenges are life lessons, even more so if you have seen a history of the same old pattern that seems to keep happening. Now is the time to look within yourself and see what challenges that you have had in the past twelve months and see what life lessons you have had to go through and if you have dealt with any of them. When this card pops up, it normally means always making sure you look within and now what is around you with your physical eyes, as the physical eyes do not always tell and show you the truth about people and situations in your life.


Remember this meaning as it doesn’t pop up just for the fun of it. Think what you have gone through, and making sure you have dealt with any challenge that has been on your path and start looking at the future in a brighter better positive way.

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