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Christalla Psychic reading with Medium Helius Andreas

Chris Southampton 23rd July 2020

Thanks Helius Andreas for another great reading. You are always spot on. I was amazed by my last reading at how much information you could get from those two photos I sent you. I strongly recommend that anyone who needs clarity or guidance should get a reading from you. Thank you.

Christalla elia southampton  mediumship reading with Psychic Medium Helius Andreas

C Elia Southampton 8th August 2020

I had another reading today with Helius. This time I asked to hear from loved ones who have passed over. The reading was spot on. He told me things that only close family know. Two readings both different and both spot on. I can’t thank you enough Helius. You don’t know how much this reading meant to me.

Thanks again

Zac Duncan psychic reading from medium Helius Andreas Portsmouth Hampshire

Zac Duncan Southampton 18th August 2020

Had a reading today. I was totally blown away!!! Everything was spot on to the point where there was no way of him knowing the information coming through. I was put at ease at certain aspects of the reading and the communication coming through was clear and precise. I definitely recommend!  xxxx

Psychic Medium Helius  Andreas clairvoyant readings Southsea

 Monica Southampton 27th August 2020

Thank you so much Helius for my reading! I found the whole experience amazing. It was very accurate, emotional yet also comforting. Ever since the reading, I have felt like a weight has been lifted. I would highly recommend!

Psychic Readings Online With Psychic Helius

Nicci Southampton 12th November 2020

Had a reading absolutely the best reading I have ever had , can’t believe it , I’m overwhelmed to be connected with my friend again. Please give Helius ago. Thank you. xx

Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas

Ruth Elizabeth McDonald

I had a free 3 card reading from Helius and it was great. I will for sure look in to whom my spirit guide is. Thank you xx

Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas

 Jess   3rd March 2022

Hello Helius I hope you are well!, I wanted to let you know your words gave me the courage and confirmation I needed to make some huge life changing decisions and it’s absolutely been for the best, I’m so happy as a result so thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with me. I feel like I’m on the right path for the first time in a long time and have made some incredible new connections and followed my heart which has blown me away.

So appreciative ❤️ Jess

Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas

Brandon 18th June 2022

I just wanted to say I very appreciate your honesty and support at this time as it really allowed me to understand and why I feel the way I feel from within it was such an honest reading and I must thankyou it was really needed.

Kindest regards


Psychic Readings Online With Psychic Helius

Toni 17th July 2022

you are a genuine and excellent medium..,,know she is seeing me right now.,,,my tears are also running down my face.,,,,,I can feel her and all my family there when meditating,,,,,,know they hear me and tell her I will wait for her as she promised me before leaving,,,the rose,,,,,gosh,,,I send her many times those roses when meditation to materialise there .,,roses from my heart to hers,,,,,tell her and all the spirits around,,that I love them and they are my real family. thanks so much Helius and hope to contact u again. God bless u


Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas

Tamazin Morley 1st September 2022

Latest Testimonial

one session of  Angelic Reiki Healing

I had my first session with Helius, and it was mind-blowing. Since seeing him I’ve felt like a weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders, my leg cramps have stopped, and I am making plans for the future that I felt blocked with. Absolutely amazing and can’t wait for my next session. This guy is the real deal

Tamazin Morley 💖

Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas

Antonio Penalva 20th October 2022

Honest and genuine medium. He is a lightworker indeed. Thanks for your guidance. Just excellent

Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas

Michaela Steel 22nd November 2022

Had the opportunity of having a reading with Helius. WOW it left me feeling so overwhelmed. In a good way. Some of the things he said. So precise. Thank you Helius xx 💖

Michaela Steel

Psychic Readings Online With Psychic Helius

Tony Spain 21st December 2022

As usual an excellent medium. He connects easily with the other side and bring comfort and relief to us. Blessings.

Vanesa 27th February 2024

Long Distance Angelic Reiki Healing

The first time I approached Angels of Light for healing it was for a totally different reason than the second time.  On the first healing, as well as serving its intended purpose, I noticed how my diabetic control became more stable and manageable for the following few months. Thus I decided to have healing again specifically to help me with my diabetes Type 1. I struggle with this severely every day, despite me making every effort to keep it under control.
I shall report back with the progression of this healing. 

For those of you that are unsure whether to proceed with  Angels of Light searching for healing, my advice is, go ahead with all confidence because Helius is completely trustworthy and really helpful!
Angels of Light thank you so much again to be a Chanel of light, hope and healing . God bless

Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas
Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas


Online Psychic Mediumship Readings With Psychic Medium Helius Andreas

Vanesa V 13th July 2023

Healing with Angels of Light. 
Helius is an amazing healer and medium. He is super approachable, he would talk to you at every step of the way answering all the questions and been very accomodating and helpful.
I have had a remotely healing. It all went well, I felt the healing mostly on my throat chakra. I was really impressed with the report Helius sent immediately after the healing. He explained what he saw in my auric field and what happened during the healing. I was really shocked with this information as he said things that I knew to be true. He also gave me advice which I found really helpful. 
The following day after my healing I felt as if I was overcoming a flu, this lasted for a day and since I am feeling things moving, shifting slowly for the last week.
I am not sure what the end result of the healing is, however I am already seeing a progression on my situation.
Thank you very much Angels of Light, Helius and spiritual guides, for giving us a blessing with your healing.

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