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Working with love, Integrity and Honesty


Psychic Medium Angelic Reiki Animal Healer  prestige awards Helius Andreas

I offer many things within this website. So please look around and see if you feel that I and my Guides/Angels can help you.

If you cannot find anything within this website that relates to your search, Then please contact me using the contact me icon below. 

Helius Andreas

Psychic Medium - Angel Reiki Healer - Clairvoyant - Animal Healer

Angelic reiki healing for animals in hampshire portsmouth with helius andreas

Helius Andreas

Psychic Medium - Angel Reiki Healer Clairvoyant - Animal Healer


  • Psychic readings

  • Mediumship readings

  • Psychic development groups

  • Home clearing

  • Haunting issues

  • Meditation groups

  • Reiki attunements

  • Chakra healing

  • Animal healing

  • Angelic reiki healing

  • Spiritual mentorship

  • Remote Healing

  • Remote readings

Media Innovator Awards Individual Awards
Prestiage psychic and healer trophy awards 2022 2023
Prestiage psychic and healer certificate awards 2022 202


Want to know a little bit about me? Click on the ABOUT HELIUS button below to read about some of my own personal experiences. This page will be updated on a monthly basis.  

Love &  Light  Helius Andreas

Thanks Helius Andreas for another great reading. You are always spot on. I was amazed by my last reading at how much information you could get from those two photos I sent you. I strongly recommend that anyone who needs clarity or guidance should get a reading from you. Thank you.


Chris from Southampton 2021


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Psychic Medium - Spiritual Advisor - Reiki Master Teacher - Angel Reiki Therapist - Angelic Reiki Master - Animal Reiki Healer


Disclaimer : Angels Of Light ( Helius  Andreas) Cannot take any responsibility  for any information  that is read or said. This is for entertainment  purpose only.

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